AntiFungus Function

This feature helps prevent the formation of mold and batteries in the indoor unit. If the function is active, the equipment will activate the Anti-Mold prevention after functioning in cooling and dehumidification.

Low voltage start

Low-voltage starting The equipment can start and operate normally up to a supply voltage of 165V.

Heating at low temperatures

Operation in heating up to -10ºC outside.

Emergency switch

Possibility of operating the unit with the manual button in case of some alarms.

Auto diagnosis

When a problem occurs the unit shows the error or protection code on the indoor unit.


The wireless remote control incorporates a temperature sensor. In this way, greater control and comfort of the ambient temperature is achieved.


This function helps to save energy and provides greater comfort at night. If activated, the equipment increases (in cooling) or decreases (in heating) automatically the temperature setpoint 1ºC every hour during the first 2 hours, the equipment stops automatically 7 hours after the activation of the function.

0.5W Standby

The outdoor unit is disconnected from the power supply automatically when the unit is at rest, so the consumption at rest is only 0.5W

Auto Start

The equipment automatically recovers the settings prior to a power outage.

Refrigeration leak detection

The unit automatically detects the existence of possible refrigerant leaks in the circuit.


The equipment can be started or stopped in 24 hour daily periods.


This function performs a self-cleaning on the indoor unit. When the "iClean" function is activated, initially the unit operates in cooling mode with the fan at low speed, during this period the condensation water drags dust from the battery. Then the unit switches to heating mode with the fan at low speed, to dry the battery and the inside of the unit. Finally the unit switches to ventilation mode to finish drying completely.

Fan blades

The fan blades of the outdoor unit in the shape of a saw to reduce air resistance and thus minimize the noise level.

Super silent design

The equipment has been designed and optimized with the aim of minimizing the noise of the noisiest components.

Cold air prevention

In heating the initial speed of the fan is adjusted according to the temperature of the battery.

Wifi (optional)

Possibility of installing a WIFI module. Control your AUX air conditioner from anywhere.